Custom Home Plan Design Services

Can't Find the Plan you're Looking For? We Can Help! 

Below you will see the different Custom, Inhouse Design and Drafting Services we Offer


If you have been searching and have been able to find that perfect plan, or if you have an idea of the layout and look that your future home should have? Through our subsidiary company, Evolution Planning Design, LLC, we can help! We offer personalized and custom construction drawings to allow you to bring your dream home one step closer to beginning construction. We create construction designs and documents ready for construction, bank underwriting, and permitting to meet our clients'  specifications.  Our construction drawings may include information surrounding the necessary materials for your home build, as well as the specifications for the methodology for construction. Our residential construction designs and documents will consist of all the required information for contractors to acquire materials, file the necessary permits, and begin the build. We offer package and stand-alone services when drafting construction documents, including structural drawings, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, landscaping plans, site plans, and other critical documents. So, when you work with Ridgeway Homes | Evolution Planning Design, LLC or construction designs and documents will ensure to include all essential information necessary to move forward with Ridgeway Homes in the most efficient and time-saving manner possible.  


Are you overwhelmed by the daunting task of beginning a complicated and ambiguously explained renovation project?  We can also assist with this as well.  For our renovation customers' we will come to their property's location and measure the existing structure with Lazer measurements and precision to ensure the exact dimensions of the current system.  Our clients will then explain the scope of their desired renovation to us.  We will then create renovation construction drawings that will detail all demolition activities, the overall completed version of your project after the desired renovation, along with information surrounding the necessary materials for your property's renovation and the specifications for the methodology for construction.  


Contact us, at Ridgeway Homes's Corporate telephone number, via the contact form on our website, or email us at to request a project design intake form.  Once you receive the intake form, please explain in as much detail as possible concerning your potential project and answer all questions and requested information on the state to allow us to serve your needs best and design your vision precisely as you desire.  

   Custom Home Plan Design Intake Form


All construction plans ordered through Evolution Planning Design, LLC are provided as-is. Evolution Planning Design, LLC disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. Customers may not return construction plans or designs and may not be returned for credit or refunds under any circumstances. Evolution Planning Design, LLC is not responsible or liable for consequential, incidental, or indirect damages of any kind. Including, but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, business opportunity, or other economic loss arising out of the use of services or any construction plans received from Evolution Planning Design, LLC, even if Evolution Planning Design, LLC has been advised of the possibility of such damage.  The customer’s responsibility is to ensure the accuracy, compliance with the applicable statute(s) or regulation(s), and fitness of purpose of any plans or construction information received from Evolution Planning Design, LLC. The information must be received by Evolution Planning Design, LLC, before the use thereof. If any liability is imposed on Evolution Planning Design, LLC, Evolution Planning Design, LLC’s liability to you or any third party shall not exceed the cost paid for  Evolution Planning Design, LLC house plan product.  Pricing will vary on customer designs depending, but not limited to, the complexity of requested design parameters, time allocated to drafting and design process, customer's consultation availability and length, and requested revisions.