Who We Are

Our History

Founded over 60 years ago in the heart of the Southeastern United States, originally located in Butler, Alabama operating under the trade name of Ridgeway Construction Company.  The company began as a humble family-operated venture with a simple mission: to build quality homes that families could cherish for generations. The business was the brainchild of John W. (J.W.) Ridgeway Sr., a man with a vision for innovation and a passion for community development.

In the early days, the company focused on small residential projects, mastering the art of homebuilding not only in Mississippi, but across the south eastern states such as Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida to just name a few.   It was a time of learning, growth, and laying the foundations of trust with each carefully constructed home. With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliability, Ridgeway Homes quickly became a name synonymous with integrity and excellence in the markets he operated in.

However, providing people excellent products and services would not shield the company or J.W. Ridgeway from hardship and adversity.  In the crucible of the American South, during the tumultuous era of segregation and civil rights struggles, J.W. Ridgeway Sr., an African American visionary, laid the cornerstone for what would become a beacon of resilience and progress—Ridgeway Homes. With both his and the company's home deep in south centeal Alabama, the company emerged not just as a business but as a symbol of hope and defiance against racial injustice.

J.W. Ridgeway Sr. was and continues to be a man of remarkable courage and tenacity. He established Ridgeway Homes at a time when the social and political climate was fraught with adversity for people of color. His mission was more than constructing buildings; it was about rebuilding lives and communities torn apart by the hateful acts of the Ku Klux Klan. Where others saw peril, J.W. saw possibility, and where others stepped back, he stepped forward.

The early days of Ridgeway Homes were marked by the smoldering ashes of homes that had been targeted by racism-fueled arson. J.W. Ridgeway Sr. did not only offer his craftsmanship to restore these structures; he provided a steadfast commitment to justice and equity. He rebuilt homes where other builders refused to tread, ensuring that families displaced by hatred could once again find shelter and a sense of normalcy.

His work was not just about laying bricks and mortar; it was about laying down a foundation for future generations to stand on—a foundation of dignity and integrity. J.W.'s resolve in the face of hostility became a hallmark of Ridgeway Homes' legacy. His dedication to quality and equality became the blueprint from which the company would grow.

Over the years, Ridgeway Homes expanded, carried by the same spirit of its founder. The company became known for not just the structures it erected but also for the barriers it dismantled along the way. Each project under Ridgeway's name was a testament to J.W. Ridgeway Sr.'s belief that a better world could be built—one home at a time.

The legacy of J.W. Ridgeway Sr. lives on through the endeavors of Ridgeway Homes. The company continues to honor his vision by serving communities with the same blend of strength, quality, and social responsibility that he championed. Ridgeway Homes stands as a tribute to his unwavering commitment to progress, equality, and the transformative power of building not just homes, but also hope for all.

Ridgeway Homes Today

As the baton passed to the next generation, John W. Ridgeway Jr. brought a wave of modernization to the company. With a degree in business administration and investment analysis, and an inherent understanding of the industry passed down from his father, John Jr. was poised to take Ridgeway Homes to new heights. He expanded the business beyond homebuilding to include real estate development, Multifamily investment and syndication, and real estate brokerage firm, thereby amplifying the company's impact on the Southern housing market.

The expansion of Ridgeway Homes under John Jr.'s leadership was both strategic and visionary. He embraced technological advancements, ensuring that the company's practices were not only current but also sustainable and forward-thinking. This approach allowed for an expansion of services, and soon Ridgeway Homes was offering a comprehensive suite of real estate solutions, from design and construction to sales and brokerage.

The turn of the century marked a significant milestone for Ridgeway Homes as they ventured into new markets in Louisiana, Alabama, and offering construction services support rental machinery in Florida.   With John Jr.'s expertise in real estate and construction, coupled with his NASCLA general contractor’s licensure, the company adeptly navigated the complexities of multi-state operations, always ensuring the Ridgeway seal of quality was evident in every project.

Community involvement and giving back have been cornerstones of the Ridgeway Homes philosophy. The company's contributions to local nonprofits and its active role in community development have cemented its status not just as a business, but as a pillar of the Southeastern U.S.'s fabric.

Today, Ridgeway Homes stands as a testament to the American dream, a beacon of progress, and a custodian of traditional values in modern homebuilding and real estate. Its journey from a small-town builder to a regional powerhouse reflects the company's unwavering commitment to building not just homes, but a legacy.

What We Do