Our History

Ridgeway Homes was founded by Mr. J.W. Ridgeway, Sr. in 1960 as J.W. Ridgeway Contractors in Butler, Alabama. When he traveled to Laurel, Mississippi, in 1960, he saw a need for construction services and residential housing in the south Mississippi area. So, in a leap of faith, he relocated the bulk of the existing company’s equipment and workforce to Laurel, Mississippi. In 2005, to give prospective homeowners and clients the attention they needed, he created a new company, named and rebranded as Ridgeway Homes.

This new company would focus solely on the needs of potential single-family homeowners. Since the creation of the original company in 1960, there has been nothing left behind but a ledger of many satisfied customers that are still enjoying their home to this very day.

Ridgeway Homes Today

Now, Ridgeway Homes has grown into a third-generation home builder and general commercial contractor headquartered in Laurel, Mississippi, with an operational reach across three states. With the growth of both the company and the family, these blessings have allowed the company to stay true to its core focus of home construction and begin taking on commercial construction projects through J.W. and Dora’s youngest son, John W. Ridgeway Jr.’s guidance and leadership.

Even with Ridgeway Homes’ realized expansion and growth, its plan is to keep true to its original business model and mission has remained unchanged. That mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations, stay humble, treat every client, customer and prospect with the same ethical and moral treatment everyone deserves.

What We Do