Since the original company’s roots in 1960, Ridgeway Homes has specialized in creating unique, tailor-made homes that cater to individual families' specific desires and requirements.  Each home in this class and product line is truly unique.  With the owners portraying their overall vision for the completed home to our design team, our draftsmen get to work.  Since each home in this class is designed completely from the thoughts and ideas of the project owner, the design team is practically beginning the preliminary concepts and designs from scratch.  However, with excellent communication between all parties, Ridgeway Home’s draftsmen and designers spend over one hundred hours ensuring that every detail reflects the homeowner's vision.

The primary services provided by Ridgeway Homes include:

General and Extensive Renovations The company provides renovation services ranging from minor updates to major overhauls for both residential and commercial properties. Whether clients are looking to refresh their space or completely transform it, Ridgeway Homes has the expertise to execute the project with precision.

Residential and Commercial Construction Projects: With experience in both residential and commercial sectors, Ridgeway Homes can manage construction projects of varying scales and complexities, delivering quality results on time and within budget.

     Single Family and Multifamily Development Services: This service line covers everything from pre-development feasibility studies, concept planning, budgeting, and financial modeling to vertical construction phases. It caters to single-family developments and multifamily projects, which require a more complex approach due to their size and scope. 

     Design-Build Services: Design-build services recently added to their offerings, which streamline the building process by combining design and construction phases under one contract. This approach enhances efficiency, reduces client stress by having a single point of responsibility, improves communication throughout the project lifecycle, and can lead to faster completion times.

     Joint Venture Partnerships for Real Estate Development Projects: For investors or developers seeking expertise in maximizing value on development projects through strategic partnerships, Ridgeway Homes offers joint venture opportunities where they contribute their extensive knowledge in construction management along with financial modeling capabilities.


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