General Contracting Overview

Ridgeway Homes | John W. Ridgeway Contractors, LLC meets our client's project's needs by specializing in the following areas in the construction process. We can provide a unified direction to ensure a project's success through our pre-development consultations, pre-construction services, and general construction and management.

large apartment building construction in-progress

pre-development consulting

Our pre-development consulting consists of:

  1. Project due diligence
  2. Site Selection 
  3. Municipal and zoning ordinances due diligence 
  4. Ensuring all required permitting is known by the project owner 
  5. Developing a construction phasing schedule for the prospective project
  6. Architecture and Engineering evaluation and vendor recommendations
  7. Developing a proforma budget for the forthcoming project 

Pre-Construction Phase

When entering the pre-construction phase, our team will complete the following for our clients:

  1. Architectural drawings reviews and change requests
  2. Developing a MasterFormat cost estimate and takeoff for the project.
  3. Project phase scheduling
  4. Contract and Scope of work developed with the project owner
  5. Obtain all required permitting to begin the client's project.

General Construction Phase

Finally, in the General Construction phase, or the phase where the project physically begins, Ridgeway Homes | John W. Ridgeway Contractors, LLC, we put our expertise and systems to work. We handle all aspects of the project's construction from beginning to the signing of the builder's warranty.

In this phase, we will:

  1. Request bids from our team of subcontractors and other community subcontractors. 
  2. The performance of due diligence on materials vendors and sub-contractors 
  3. Management of the Project by our team of construction specialist and superintendents 
  4. Construction craftsmanship and safety Quality Control 
  5. Project Closeout with warranty documents executed up the project's owner.