Apartment Building Renovation *Currently Under Construction*

Ridgeway Homes | John W. Ridgeway Contractors, LLC was approached by a sizable real estate investor and property owner to complete the renovation on this Four unit property, that was originally converted from an eight-room motel originally constructed in the 1950s.  The original party engaging in the work did not perform up to the owner's or the municipal inspection department's standards so their contractual relationship was severed.  After the original walk-through to assess the condition of the property, we developed a scope of work, budget, and materials list of what would be required to correct the previous defective workmanship and code violations; and complete the building, ensure compliance with HUD standards and to have it ready to lease out by the coming school year.  

To date, our team has drafted and rendered architectural and "shop drawings" for the building and each unit to have a plan moving forward.   As of May 2023, the Ridgeway Homes team has rewired all units, replaced the exterior door units and locksets, removed and replaced window casements, cabinetry configuration, and partial installation in two units, removed and replaced subflooring, and re-insulated between the units.  Although there is a sizable list of scope items, we have remained on schedule and plan to allow the Realty Company to move forward with pre-leasing activities at the end of July 2023.