Civic Involvement

Published July 18th, 2023 by Ridgewaybuiltadmin

Congratulations to John W. Ridgeway, Jr. on his appointment to the Laurel City's Building and Adjustments appeals board! It's commendable that he is eager to serve the community and contribute to the city's development and growth. As a member of the appeals board, John will play a crucial role in providing advice and guidance to the Inspection department when needed.

With his experience as the company's COO, John can bring valuable insights and expertise to the appeals board. His understanding of business operations, policies, and ideals can contribute to the formulation of effective strategies and decisions that will benefit the city and its residents.

Over the course of his five-year tenure, John will have the opportunity to work alongside other board members and contribute to the overall progress of the city. By actively participating in the appeals board, he can help shape the policies and regulations that govern building and adjustments in Laurel City, ensuring they align with the community's needs and aspirations.

John's dedication to serving the community and his willingness to be a valuable asset to the city are admirable qualities. By actively engaging with the appeals board and sharing his expertise, he can contribute to the continued success and advancement of Laurel City.

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