How long does it take to build a home?

Published March 8th, 2018 by Ridgeway Homes

Before you spend a large sum of money on anything you’re going to want to know, “how long is it going to take for me to enjoy?”. Well, the bad news is I can’t advise you on that stock purchase or an educational degree; but I can help you with the typical American family’s largest purchase, their home! For a home under 2,500 square feet the typical build time is between 120-150 days if weather permits favorable working conditions.

Everyone knows about weather delays, but one situation few think of is delayed and backlogged building materials supply and shipments. For example, say your project called for a prefabricated handicap accessible shower and the wrong one arrived on site 10 days before drywall is scheduled to be delivered. First, you’ll actually have to account for the manufacturer’s shipment lead time to actually get the correct item to your local retail supplier’s location and that alone usually takes 10 days. Next, we the builder would have to coordinate with the plumber, drywall crews, framing carpenters, and municipal building inspectors to see if their current schedule can accommodate to changes. So, since we rarely live in a perfect world it’s very rare that everyone’s schedule lines up. On the conservative side let’s say a 5 day delay for the scheduling conflict, so now we’re looking at a 2 week delay for a shipping mishap! But the good news is when situations like that happen we roll up our sleeves and save and budget every day possible. For example, instead of waiting for a countertop to be delivered we would pick it up direct from the manufacturer or find client appoved in-stock substitutes to shave off delivery times.

Is your prospective home larger than 2,500 square feet or have another class of construction project such as a church or medical clinic? Then contact us by phone, email, or the chat widget at the bottom of our website and we’ll set up an office consultation to get more information on your project needs. Once details such as budget, plan details, and project specs are finalized we will develop a plan that will allow us to build your project to your satisfaction on-time and stress-free as possible!

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